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KOSO-Six-Piece Gauge Kit / '04-'13 Bagger-Gauges-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-Six-Piece Gauge Kit / '04-'13 Bagger-Gauges-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-Four-Piece LCD Gauge Kit / '14-'20 Bagger-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-Four-Piece LCD Gauge Kit / '14-'20 Bagger-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-HD-05 Multi-Function Meter / '04-'23 Models-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-HD-05 Multi-Function Meter / '04-'23 Models-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-HD-04 Speedometer/Tachometer / '04-'13 Dyna - Sportster-Gauges-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-HD-04 Speedometer/Tachometer / '04-'13 Dyna - Sportster-Gauges-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-HD-04 Speedometer/Tachometer / '11-'22 Models-Gauges-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-HD-04 Speedometer/Tachometer / '11-'22 Models-Gauges-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-D2 Multi Function Meter / '04-'23 Models-Gauges-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-D2 Multi Function Meter / '04-'23 Models-Gauges-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-TNT-01 Electronic Speedometer/Tachometer-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-TNT-01 Electronic Speedometer/Tachometer-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-Mini 3 Oil Pressure Gauge-Oil Pressure Gauge-MetalCore Harley Supply
Mini 3 Oil Pressure Gauge Sale price$234.95 USD
KOSO-Titan-X Heated Grips / '08-'22 Models-Grips-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-Titan-X Heated Grips / '08-'22 Models-Grips-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-XR-SR Multi-Function Electronic Speedometer-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-XR-SR Multi-Function Electronic Speedometer-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-TNT-02 Multi-Function Meter-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-TNT-02 Multi-Function Meter-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley Supply
TNT-02 Multi-Function Meter Sale price$199.95 USD
KOSO-GPS Speed Signal Converter Kit-Speed Sensor-MetalCore Harley Supply
GPS Speed Signal Converter Kit Sale price$175.95 USD
KOSO-Apollo-X Heated Grips-Grips-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-Apollo-X Heated Grips-Grips-MetalCore Harley Supply
Apollo-X Heated Grips Sale price$166.95 USD
KOSO-Oil Dipstick-Gauges-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-Oil Dipstick-Gauges-MetalCore Harley Supply
Oil Dipstick Sale price$165.95 USD
KOSO-DL-01V Volt Meter-Volt Meter-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-DL-01V Volt Meter-Volt Meter-MetalCore Harley Supply
DL-01V Volt Meter Sale price$143.95 USD
KOSO-Nano LED Indicator Lights-Turn Signals / Brake Light-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-Nano LED Indicator Lights-Turn Signals / Brake Light-MetalCore Harley Supply
Nano LED Indicator Lights Sale priceFrom $139.95 USD
KOSO-XR-01S Speedometer-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-XR-01S Speedometer-Speedometer-MetalCore Harley Supply
XR-01S Speedometer Sale price$127.95 USD
KOSO-LED Marker Lights-Turn Signals-MetalCore Harley Supply
LED Marker Lights Sale price$85.95 USD
KOSO-Bullet Housing for Round Gauge-Speedometer Housing-MetalCore Harley Supply
KOSO-Speed Sensor for Speedometer-Speed Sensor-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-Speed Sensor for Speedometer-Speed Sensor-MetalCore Harley Supply
Speed Sensor for Speedometer Sale priceFrom $33.95 USD
KOSO-Speed Sensor Magnet Bolt-Speed Sensor-MetalCore Harley SupplyKOSO-Speed Sensor Magnet Bolt-Speed Sensor-MetalCore Harley Supply
Speed Sensor Magnet Bolt Sale price$7.95 USD


For over 30 years, KOSO has been synonymous with quality and performance in the design and manufacturing of high-quality instrumentation and electronic accessories. Renowned in the motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, scooter, and golf cart industries, KOSO is celebrated for its exceptional reliability and innovative products. Our reputation has made us a trusted source for many major OEM companies, ensuring that whether a product is created under a private label, for OEM purposes, or for the aftermarket, the quality consistently remains at the forefront. At KOSO, innovation is key, and we are committed to bringing advanced technology and pushing the limits of what's possible to provide cutting-edge solutions to enhance your riding experience.