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Article: APEX: The Ultimate Harley Clutch Every Big Twin Should Have

APEX: The Ultimate Harley Clutch Every Big Twin Should Have


A groundbreaking development in clutch systems is transforming the Harley riding experience. The introduction of the APEX clutch system offers Harley-Davidson Big Twin owners enhanced performance across multiple facets of motorcycle operation. But why the need for such innovation? Let’s delve into the why and how of the APEX clutch system.

Why Design a New Performance Harley Clutch System?

The concept of upgrading a Harley clutch system is not new, yet pinpointing the optimal clutch upgrade can be challenging given the myriad of options available. Riders often seek improvements in lever pull effort and lever feel, two critical aspects that significantly influence riding comfort and control.

The APEX clutch system was developed with these rider concerns in mind, particularly focusing on reducing the lever pull effort. This system not only caters to stock bikes but also enhances those tuned for peak performance, achieving a balance of usability and high-end functionality.

How the APEX Clutch System Can Transform Your Harley Big Twin

The APEX clutch represents the pinnacle of innovation, combining advanced design and robust construction crafted in the USA. This system incorporates several proprietary technologies that collectively refine the clutch’s performance.

Fixed-Pin Hub

Traditional clutch hubs use machined grooves in aluminum to hold drive plates, a method prone to wear and eventual hub replacement. The APEX’s Fixed-Pin hub design features steel-on-steel contact points that prevent this wear, significantly enhancing the clutch's lifespan and improving modulation and control felt at the lever.


The TorqDrive technology by Rekluse increases the number of friction disks over standard OEM setups, allowing for up to eight additional disks. This increase not only boosts the torque capacity but also enhances power transfer to the rear wheel, crucial for both stock and high-performance builds.

Clutch Springs

The APEX clutch system utilizes two sets of springs with different stiffness ratings. This allows riders to customize the feel of their clutch according to their personal preference and the engine’s torque output, offering three possible spring rate combinations.

Core Components

Durability is paramount in the design of the APEX clutch. It includes a billet, hard-anodized pressure plate that, along with other billet internal components, maximizes durability. These components are designed to improve oil flow throughout the clutch, helping to maintain lower operating temperatures and consistent performance.

Additional Hardware

Attention to detail is evident in the inclusion of basket sleeves, which protect against notching if the original OEM basket is retained. This is just another way APEX ensures longevity and performance.


The APEX clutch system is not just a replacement but an upgrade that redefines the capabilities of traditional Harley clutches. With its innovative design and superior materials, it sets a new standard in clutch performance, ensuring that every ride is smoother, more controlled, and enjoyable.


The APEX clutch is available for a broad range of Harley-Davidson models equipped with Twin Cam and Milwaukee-Eight (M8) Big Twin engines, from 2007 to current models, making it a versatile option for numerous riders looking to enhance their motorcycle’s performance.

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